A  Sea of Dreams

The ocean is a vast place, as is our mind. Sometimes our mind expands into places we can’t comprehend and we are at a loss to even fathom what is being communicated to us. Like underwater exploration, there is more we don’t know about our own mind than we do. Dreams are here to help us with plumbing the depths and intricacies of our mind.

But what is it that takes us into unknown realms and what do we gain from exploring them? Humans are by nature curious beings and there is an ongoing hankering to know more about ourselves. It isn;t always by choice though. Sometimes life takes in a direction we are uncertain of and we need to decipher what we need to do to find the pathway that best suits us. People like to have choices, but very often we are poor at deciding which choice, or nuance of choice, we wish to take to get us to our aims and goals.

Aims and goals are very powerful as they give us direction, an ‘end’ point to steer our life towards, much like a rudder on a ship. It’s easy to set out aims and goals, most people are aware this is a necessary step to facilitate moving forward to achieving the things we wish for. However enacting a step by step pathway of actions that will take us to these aims and goals is another thing altogether. Dreams aren’t there to make decisions for us, they exist to help guide us and show options or potential end points to selected pathways, often indicating unforeseen dynamics that are beyond the reach of our logical mind.

So many times people say to me that their dreams are ‘crazy’, “weird”, “strange” and many other similar descriptions. The fact that dreams are symbolic in nature means that by definition they step outside the range of our usually singular line logical mind and draw resources from within us that help compensate for our usual narrow thinking pathways. They expand and communicate ideas, notions, thoughts and drives into a symbolic language that, though not always easily grasped, is the only language that is able to encapsulate the complexities that lay within our psyche.

Trying to reach into our mind is a challenge and we require every tool we can lay our mental hands on to assist us to dive into these complex and often murky realms, murky only through our own emotional confusions, contortions and indecisions. The light of consciousness is a powerful beam, but often it can reveal more than we anticipated, so it’s always best to be ready for a few ‘surprises’. This is the point where people often cease following and recording their dreams, when the challenges and unexpected insights aren;t to our liking and prove not to be the story book we may have imagined.

Perseverance with looking into our dreams pays off bigtime, but in that process it takes a lot of determination to look honestly at what is before us over an extended period of time. Keeping our dream records and perusing over them from a 6-12 month period cows us to see themes, much of the driving force in dreams and something we need to adhere too if we’re seriously going to get the results and insights we want. Dreams containing a similar or even same theme may be weeks or months apart and so wee need to have an account of them that is readily accessible and easy to read so we can look for these themes and see what is changing and what isn’t. Think of it like a report card, but the information is scattered over time and needs collating.

By looking into the processes that drive us in daily life, we get to see more of who we are and can make better choices on who we would like to be, both in the quiet and deep recesses of our selves and to the world in which we are surrounded by and have to make a living in. What are the things that drive you every day? How did you come to decide on those? Are those aims and goals still relevant? Do you need to have a review of everything you are striving towards to make either minor adjustments or complete changes?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. Once they are answered we can then go about the task of facilitating their action and our dreams can help us get past the twists, turns and any obstructions we will inevitably experience along the way.

Open to your dreams and expect them to speak to you in a way that very often outlays complex scenarios in a symbolic format. Once you can allow yourself to get past the mental block of dreams being weird and strange, we can open to their language more and explore that which our mind is trying to open us to. That is true inner exploration.