Dr Lachlan Hinds Ph.D, D.D, M.Ms, B.Ms, D.Hom, D.R.T is a progressive practitioner who takes your life experiences and uses them to catapult you forward through emotional blocks into a life filled with motivation, self confidence and empowerment.

Doc has a knack for kids, teenagers and adults alike, working in a conversational and practical way to make counselling accessible and easy.

Dr. Hinds uses a wide range of psychological tools to take you from where you’ve been to where you want to be. As an experienced Dream Therapist he can access the depths of your mind and work with you to unlock those components which will help you most. These dreams are the stories behind the story of your life.

By unfolding these stories, Dr Hinds assists people to:

  • understand and act on the deeper meanings behind the processes driving your experiences
  • learn how to deal with the emotions and blockages which inhibit relationships, creativity and stopping you reaching your full potential
  • create new approaches to old problems
  • release feelings and fears
  • work towards attaining long held goals
  • discover and build on opportunities.

Consultations are conveniently offered:

  • Face to face, if you reside within the Sydney, Australia region
  • Via 1 hour Skype sessions

For those body aches and pains that keep coming back, Dr. Hinds is an experienced Cranio Sacral Therapist, quoted as saying “I’ve never met a neck I can’t fix”. Crania Sacral Therapy is also excellent for moving stored emotions out of body tissues.

If you wish to understand more fully how Dr Hinds can assist, please contact us for an obligation free conversation.