Dreams and your personal evolution



“Evolve or die. … If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.”

Eckhart Tolle.

Tolle makes a somewhat dramatic but very accurate quote here. In the context of reading our dreams, nothing could be truer. If we choose to take the time and make the effort to look closely at our dreams, our own evolution is at hand.

Humans are designed to evolve, we are the most adaptable creatures on the planet. If we move house, we adapt to the new location, the new environment, the new stimuli. If we change our work environment, the same happens, we work around what is there and adapt to the new scenario as quickly as possible. Our minds need to be like this… but unfortunately keeping the all too common status quo is usually our default.

Old hurts, old griefs, old angers, old fears – why do we hold onto these? There is no inner personal evolution by gripping onto these old emotions, the energy is better spent elsewhere.

So how do we shift that energy from old and decrepit to fresh, new and youthful?

Dreams are a key pathway, they have an ability to reach in deep and show you where the blocks and stumbling points are. It’s up to you if you want to know though. No one is forcing you… it’s simply a question of whether you want to evolve, or stagnate?

We need to look for symbols, characters and stories in our dreams which we can cross relate to impactful events in our life. From there we can evaluate impacts and often, by reading those dreams very carefully, ways through and around these road blocks can be found. Most importantly we can find ways to drain and keep the energy from these old emotions (remembering all emotions are composed of energy) and apply that energy in new ways to create a better, more fulfilling life.

One patient was dealing with a lot of anger. In a dream he was near the backyard clothesline where he grew up as a child feeling angry and generally furious with the world. As he stood there, some elder Native American women came up to him. It is to be noted he saw these women as quite powerful in their tribes and nations, in their role as trusted advisors to their warrior partners. The women explained to him how to channel the anger in more productive ways, how to use the energy of the anger for motivation. It was a turning point in his life. The clothesline in the backed? Clothes are often about understanding, he was learning to understand new ways to deal with the rage inside. The placement in the childhood yard gave an era in time when the inner turmoil began and allowed a focal point to process old memories and reactions from.

It’s almost like repurposing, except the outside structure doesn’t stay the same. It’s energy that is so useful in our lives – it what gets everything done. So harness yours to the full, your dreams are friendly co-workers helping you achieve your aims, goals and wishes. Listen to them, open to their meaning, try and follow what they say as best you can. The effort isn’t that much and the rewards are huge.

Lets go through that again. Stored emotions from past experiences can be described as ‘packets’ of energy. The emotions that work against us, against the things we want to achieve are defined as negative emotions. Those that help us achieve and move forward, in harmony with care and kindness for others, are called positive emotions. All these emotional states are energy, it’s simply the application that defines whether it positive or negative – or as I prefer – constructive or destructive.

The simple principles of physics show us that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it is simply reapplied. The same goes for old emotional states. If you can get rid of the old associations, drives and shocks or impacts, then you have more energy to use and less heavy emotional states weighing you down and burning your time and life up unnecessarily.

One of the difficult aspects to this is actually being brave enough to be willing to look at your past and the impacts. The magic of dreams is that the subconscious selects problematic states to be dealt with at the most appropriate time to deal with them. It’s a combination of when they are their most exposed and hence their weakest, combined with your mind/psyche in it’s strongest phase to deal with them. It’s one of the reasons dreams can be such a powerful tool to master – they come at just the right time – and they’ll visit the same subject again if you don’t get it the first time around.

Write your dreams down when you first wake up, or a few minimal details at least, so you can recapture them later on when you have time to contemplate and weigh up what they’re indicating to you. Remember they’re multi faceted in their meaning and multi dimensional in their depth, so there’s no outright right or wrong answers, just ways of looking into your wonderfully complex mind. Let that bake your noodle for a while…
Welcome to your new life, you will like!

(Keep in mind every patient’s dreams have different meanings from person to person. A same or similar dream in another person can have a very different interpretation – this is where you can work with a dream therapist to find the meanings relevant to you).