Flying High



Flying dreams – everyone loves them. Interestingly a lot of the time people don’t ask what they mean, just the feeling for freedom in flying is enough. If only we allowed ourselves to experience dreams with our feelings instead of going straight to our heads, they would be a lot easier to ‘solve’ AND we’d get more out of them as an experience in themselves.

Dreams are about feelings – processing feelings, revealing feelings, amplifying feelings, gaining better understanding of feelings. And that’s just a start. Yes there are psychological thoughts that we go through in order to try and understand and analyse them, but these are on the outside.
The word ‘stress’ is used a lot these days, in effect it’s a pretty useless word really, so broad and vague, but it’s handy to use here: We don’t say “I think stressed”, we say “I FEEL stressed”. That’s because stress is a result of emotions from the various situations we are placed in, these come first, then the thoughts. This may sound unusual, but have a think about cause and effect.

One of the reasons flying dreams are so appealing is they are about getting ‘above’ the things that are pulling us down. For the period of time (which can seem much longer than it actually is in dream mode) we are free of our troubles and enjoying a new sense of freedom. The gut wrenching hit of reality when we wake up and have to face the exact things we wanted to escape from is quite different, however because of dreams like these we can face the tasks and strains ahead much better. That’s their job.

The whole point of having ‘escapism’ dreams like these is to have a break from what can be unrelenting stresses and strains in physical life and so our psyche can ‘reboot’ and find new neural pathways, solutions and management techniques. Just like rebooting a computer allows it to clean itself up and function more effectively, our brains need the same. Sleep itself is part of this, but it’s our dreams which do the cache clearing, leaving all that dross behind. We soon make more, it’s our strange nature as humans, but at least dreams get us a few steps ahead.

Have a think back to your last flying dream, how long was it before you were safe and free to fly? Was it instantaneous? Did you start the dream mid flight to take off from the ground? How long did it take to get some control in the flight and fell really free so you were doing spins and loops like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in that classic Disney cartoon?

We can’t always get away for a tropical or adventure holiday – sometimes even the pressure of organising these is more that the downtime of the trip is worth if you take into account the pre trip preparations and post trip catching up that are usually required. A consideration many don;t factor in carefully. Dreams are always with us, if we commit to working on our interior enough, they are an excellent facilitation of a huge realm within our mind to delete and rearrange the stresses our mind experiences every day.

It’s good to write your flying dreams down if you can, there can be a lot of details we can often miss and they’re useful to revisit from time to time, they’re so rejuvenating. Don’t forget to put down things like how high you flew, any acrobatic type manoeuvres, what you saw, who you saw, what sensations you felt…. was there any fear or excitement? What about landing, if you landed at all, did your feet touch gently down like a pro or did you come to a stumbling, jolting, tripping halt? The latter is important as it’s about your ability to transition from one mode of thinking to the next. Do we do this smoothly, or find it difficult to switch streams? How good are you in your work at shifting from the world of ideas and concepts and stepping across to the next realm where they need to be applied an enacted? You could do a workshop on it, one of the many, or you could simply tap into the resources of your own dreams which are from you and for you specifically and discover a lot more…

Happy Flying!