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The vicarious nature of dreams

Many people have dreams relating to pursuits and activities they desire to participate in. Often I’m asked “Why am I having these dreams”?

Desire is a very strong driver in our lives. The desire to experience is especially strong and can drive many of our actions in life. There is a giant leap between experience and thought. So many of us live in our minds. Our mind is an amazing place but has limited scope when it’s placed against actually stepping into a situation that is a manifestation of what we really want.

Life is a huge space and there are so many opportunities afforded. The point of difference is where we step into a life where we think about things or actually do them. It’s not any easy step and this is where dreams come in. The subconscious is a vast place and has many resources for us. It’s called the subconscious for a reason and specifically that is it’s below our conscious level, i.e. that which we’re aware of.

Many dreams come to us to inspire. So many people look for the ‘meaning’ in their dreams, yet, this question is more often than not within the limitations of our linear and logical ‘conscious’ mind which is filled with it’s own limitations. Dreams dredge depths from within us which for the most part we are unaware of – they create a scenario which enacts our deeper desires and play out what we feel might be. Not only that, they seek to instruct, purely from the deeper reaches of our otherwise secret selves, so that often we are facilitated to experience ahead of time what may be before us. An adjunct to this is the ‘vicarious process’ where they actually instruct us through the process of what we wish to experience. Sounds strange I know, but once you’ve seen thousands of dreams it becomes very clear.

If you’re reading this, likely you’re cognisant enough to recognise that our inner realms stretch beyond what we can feel and touch in daily life. the ability of dreams to reach into realms we aren’t normally aware of is well recognised. Some say that dreams are random neural firings – good luck to those, a very empty life is ahead there. The true richness of dreams is just this, they access a part of our ind that isn’t recordable by ‘modern’ scientific instruments. I put modern in quotation marks, as at every point in time, society considers its current state as modern. People in the 18th century considered themselves modern at the time, which of course they were, but in retrospect we can see the vast lacking they had. So it will be as the future looks upon us.

Trends, technological limitations, fixed lines of thought in a generic society – however you look at it we are under the limitations of our times. Dreams have the ability to reach beyond those limitations and show us both what can and will be.

I remember some time ago when I went to a lecturer and asked why I had a particular dream. at the time I was learning to dive (scuba) and had dreamt about being deep underwater and another diver tearing my mask off and removing the breathing apparatus. Luckily he’d been through Navy dive training and the dream (in much more detail) as I described to him was identical to Navy diver training to the letter. This is when I learned about the vicarious nature of dreams.

Amongst their many functions, dreams have a strong teaching mechanism, it’s simply up to us if we are willing to undergo their manifold expression, and beyond that, to live it in life. There’s the next step! To quote a cheesy Hollywood movie “Your mission, should you choose to accept it” …