Using Your Dreams to Thrive



Are you thriving?
What does thriving mean to you?
Can you thrive more?

These are important question we need to ask. We know from the world of plants that we use thriving to describe their fullness, opulence and overall wellbeing when they are more than healthy. Wait on… did I just say “more than healthy” ? How can that be, surely we are just healthy or not?

The answer is a definite no. You don’t want to be just ‘healthy’, you want to be thriving! Mentally, emotionally, physically (and spiritually for those open to that line of experience). How many people do you know who could easily be described as ‘healthy’ , but just aren’t full of life? Sure, they’re not sick or unwell, but you can see they’re not what you would describe as “thriving”. Don’t be that person – thrive!

So how can dreams help?
A lot that stops us from thriving is laying fairly unbeknownst to us in the subconscious. It’s called the subconscious because it’s below our conscious state – below what we’re aware of. A dark, complex and shadowy world, it is laden with our fears and regrets, angers and frustrations, hurts, grief and pain. But unknown to many is that the subconscious is also an endless resource to draw from. Where do you think those sudden. ground-breaking ideas come from? Those sharp insights to massive problems? The subconscious. A vast pool of resource, the Ancient Egyptians termed it ‘Shewit’… The Shadow. They had a prayer asking “May I get to know my soul AND my shadow”. In other words they were asking to cast light into the subconscious. It not only has negativities but many positive attributes to draw upon. Dreams are one of the major pathways into this unknown realm, a realm that can help you to thrive.

What’s the difference between living and thriving? That’s a question only each individual can answer. It’s a personal exploit which actually leads to somewhere you don’t know, that’s the mystery, that’s the adventure. If you already knew what it was and what it contained, you wouldn’t be seeking it, as you would already be there.

Dreams contain mechanisms that can lead into new pathways, new ways of thinking, new positive habits we can attune to our everyday life. If you want change, positive development and inner growth, dreams have the means to deliver this in spades.

Try asking yourself this:
“What do I want from life, how do I want to feel everyday?” these are important questions.

I deal in Emotional Intelligence. One of the better definitions of emotional intelligence is:
“The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”
There is an interesting subtitle as well which goes “Emotional Intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”. Looking at these two sentences, it’s hard to imagine not wanting this ability, this these traits in our life.

We aren’t taught emotional intelligence in modern society. The education system simply provides a means to accomplish basic communication and and ends to qualifications for earning a living. There’s some structural behavioural patterns that are attempted, with varying degrees of success and failure. There’s a the fallback to parenting, but if parents don’t have a solid set of emotional skills, they can’t pass it on to their children.

Emotional intelligence needs to be learned. It’s a guidance process specific to each individual. There’s nothing more specific to you than your dreams, they’re tailor made for exactly where you’re at from your own psyche. Unravelling the meanings, the guidances, the messages in your dreams is tapping into a vast resource to connect you to the most powerful and energetic part of yourself.

There is an ancient saying that emotions are twenty thousand times faster and more powerful than thought. It’s not a literal amount, it’s a figurative expression to give contrast. This often takes people aback when they first hear it. We’re in a society where there’s a lot of emphasis on the ‘power’ of thought…. there’s too little on the real power of emotions. Have a look at different situations in your life and what your very first responses are, the ones that happen almost spontaneously – they’re emotional. We may not express those emotions, often it’;s not appropriate to, but they are first in line and orientate much of how we respond and react.

Here’s where emotional intelligence comes in. In order to thrive in life we need to respond to situations, not react – there’s a big difference. Responding gives us freedom of choice, as much as can be garnered in each scenario. Reacting simply makes us a slave to automatic lower emotional response systems that for the most part do not serve us well.

Thriving is a quality that fills our life with wonder and amazement. These are experiences that enrich us and often define what success is, as well as making us more successful in each of our pursuits. Developing Emotional Intelligence is key to the ability to thrive and dreams are a key mechanism to let you follow this path, should you wish to do so.

Thrive on!